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Redeemer Lutheran School provides students with a standard based curriculum.  Standards for all grades have been established through combining Utah State Standards, National Lutheran School Standards, as well as additional standards from New Generation Science Standards and key standards from outside the state of Utah.


Language Arts and Math standards for all grades begin with Utah State standards, and are customized to each classroom and each student to maximize student success and growth.


Science, Social Studies and Health standards combine standards from multiple grade levels and are organized in a two year track for each classroom.   This two year instructional track provides students with in depth instruction in key concepts, creating rich understandings, easily carried forward into application and their lives in the future.


STEAM practices can be seen in many areas of the curriculum and students experience opportunities for hands on exploration to further their knowledge and understanding.  Our annual all school STEAM day provides students, parents and teachers with a day of teamwork, learning and fun.

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