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Kindergarten Readiness

Start Your Child out Right in Kindergarten


Reading Readiness

  •      Can identify some upper and lower case letters
  •      Can name some letter sounds
  •      Can recognizes own name in print
  •      Can show how a book works (front, back, words, pictures)
  •      Can listen to a story and retell what it is about
  •      Knows color names


Mathematical Readiness

  •      Can count to 20 aloud
  •      Can touch and count objects with one-to-one correspondence
  •      Can describe more, or less
  •      Can name 4 basic shapes
  •      Knows positional words like on top, under, next to, in front of
  •      Names numbers 0-10


Personal Skills

  •      Can dress and undress, including zipping, tying, snapping and buttoning
  •      Can use the bathroom independently
  •      Can tell someone his/her full name, address and telephone number of a parent
  •      Can tell own age and birth date
  •      Ask for help when needed
  •      Asks questions and looks for answers


Fine Motor Skills/Writing skills

  •      Can hold a pencil or crayon properly to write or draw
  •      Can draw a simple picture
  •      Can write name (first letter upper case)
  •      Can cut with child sized scissors on a line
  •      Can use glue or glue stick


Gross Motor Skills

  •      Can maintain personal space
  •      Can move body with control
  •      Can sit still for 10 minutes and listen
  •      Can run and play for 10-15 minutes without tiring


Social Skills

  •      Can solve small conflicts with another child independently
  •      Can follow a 2 step direction
  •      Can listen attentively to instruction or a story in a large group for 10 minutes
  •      Can accept discipline without arguing or undue sadness
  •      Can seek help when needed
  •      Can share with others
  •      Can clean up
  •      Can separate from parents confidently
  •      Can get along with other children
  •      Can use a Kleenex to wipe or blow a nose