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Transfer Students

Redeemer Lutheran School has open enrollment. Enrollment is open all year around to accommodate transfer students. We accept students transferring from public school, private school, parochial school, out of state, and students with an IEP. Whatever the reason is, we make transferring your student as easy as possible. We understand what a hard decision this is and have a few steps to make this transition easier.


First, when looking into Redeemer Lutheran School as an option we want to make sure that it is a good fit for the transferring student and family. We do this by setting up an Educational Success Consultation, or ESC for short. This is a meeting between the school and parent. This gives the parents an opportunity to let Redeemer know what you are looking for and for us to let you know what our school has to offer your child.


The next step is to set up a shadow day for your child. The shadow day is free and it gives your child an opportunity to get to know the school and meet their friends before starting on their first day of school. We feel that this makes the transition into our school easier for your child. 


After your child has experienced a day at Redeemer we are ready to request documents from your current school and begin enrolling your child. This can take a few days or so depending on how long it takes the current school to get us these documents. At this time we will also ask that you fill out enrollment forms. If you are applying for financial aid or Carson Smith we will start that paperwork as well. Once this is finished we can accept your child and they can begin at Redeemer.